From blossom to bottle

Ashton Valley Fresh is an Australian family owned company leading the industry in premium quality Australian fruit juice. We are there for our juice every step of the way.

Based in the Adelaide Hills suburb of Ashton, South Australia, our mission is to provide our customers with quality juice of diverse variety and style. We provide these with the commitment to support our local growers and community through juicing exceptional Australian grown fruit.

We pride ourselves on making premium quality fruit juice with no added flavours, colours, sugars and concentrates. We also supply wholesale juice to order for other Australian companies allowing them to make their own unique products.


Vision Statement:

Ashton Valley Fresh envisions becoming a globally recognized, enduring, and sustainable family agri-business, renowned for innovation and leadership.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to deliver fair returns to farmers, exceed customer expectations, prioritize sustainability and the utilisation of whole crops, leverage technology, drive innovation, support the community, and nurture the next generation, setting new standards in the agri-business world.